The Digit Group is a new kind of American real estate development company specializing in smart city solutions

The Digit Group plans, designs, builds, and manufactures holistic smart cities, using technology solutions as the basis of its designs. From the tallest of buildings to the smallest of villages, TDG creates smart cities solutions that provide greater security, increased safety, lower energy use, more efficient water management, safe and comfortable transportation, and a better urban experience. Its smart cities solutions have been implemented in China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, and throughout the U.S.

Paul Doherty, AIA President and CEO, the digit group, inc.

TDG, a privately held U.S. company based in New York City, uses a matrix of services and innovations that can include executive project management, master urban planning services, building information modeling (BIM) development and management, technology development, and the real-world implementation of the Internet of things (IoT).

TDG brings world-class partners in finance, technology, marketing and operations along with an experienced delivery and operations team to support projects around the world.


TDG is considered a leading expert in smart city technologies and their profound effects on our world. Our company’s leadership team is invited to keynote speak at dozens of annual meetings, conferences and conventions each year. The team has also been interviewed by leading media organizations such as Bloomberg TV and CNBC, and by publications associated with leading universities such as Oxford University.

Our team has also authored white papers and articles about smart cities and related technologies that are being used for policy and planning for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), McGraw-Hill Financial and Oxford University. TDG sits on the U.K.’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) that advises the British government on smart cities and has been selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce to represent America on trade missions, including President Obama’s trade mission to China and Middle East in 2015 and President Trump’s trade mission to China in 2017. Leading by example to promote innovation, TDG co-founded the critically acclaimed AEC Hackathon that debuted at Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley and continues throughout the world.


TDG provides national and city governments, major real estate developers, urban area managers and other clients with a world-class, multinational team of experienced professionals who can deliver solutions and exceed expectations.

TDG includes expertise in technology, business, real estate development, design, project management, and media, as well as a diverse system of partner companies and joint ventures that spans from the U.S. to Ireland to Dubai to China. TDG provides a global reach, with offices in New York and Silicon Valley as well as subsidiaries in Dubai, Dublin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Sydney.



A smart city is not a marketing campaign, a slick sales technique, nor a political catch phrase, but a series of solutions to serious and urgent situations the world faces today, ranging from urban migration to natural disasters brought on by everything from climate change to rising pollution to the depletion of energy resources to the erosion of traditional social networks and more.

Smart cities are emerging as a civic action due to a “perfect storm” of the convergence of market conditions, technology innovation, social wants, and government needs, and the migration to urban environments that has accelerated on a global scale, which dwarfs any previous mass movement of people in history.

Smart Cities Guiding Principles:
  • Energy
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Transportation
  • Public Safety & Security
  • Green/Sustainable Buildings
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Education
  • Healthcare


TDG leverages the power of smart buildings, smart cities and the IoT that move well beyond the limits of other existing service providers

As our world rapidly evolves into larger, urban environments, there are numerous challenges with integrating buildings and assets into the urban fabric of smart city initiatives. The potential value is in the interconnection and interoperability of your data in the context of smart buildings and smart cities, all powered by 3D real-time environment technologies.

TDG is the recognized world leader of implemented smart cities. TDG’s Executive Program Management Office (ePMO) delivers the vision of the client through strategy development, dashboard analysis, and reporting as well as day-to-day oversight of all delivery management and project implementation services.


Central BIM office coordination has recently been established as best-of-breed in BIM information management and project delivery. TDG is uniquely qualified and experienced and has already delivered over US $30 billion in project value utilizing the PMO system and central BIM office coordination services.

By focusing our services on data, TDG leverages the power of smart buildings, smart cities, and the IoT that moves well beyond the limits of other existing service providers, providing you with superior support, production and an enormous strategic advantage in the marketplace for your buildings, infrastructure, and built environment assets. We act as your data escrow agency, providing long-term insurance for your project’s digital DNA.


As we identify the challenges of living in highly connected, Information Age urban environments, it is comforting to relate to our cities as organisms, or a series of eco-systems. If the city is a body, then we have seen its evolution from the agrarian society to the Information Age through the development of systems. By interconnecting each guiding principle and implementing them as eco-systems, the urban organism for each urban development will take on its own shape, culture, and operational processes.

TDG’s smart cities are designed as a series of eco-systems that work together like an organism, with the ability to scale based on the needs of its inhabitants. Each eco-system is a recipe that is developed from a series of innovations that act as ingredients. As examples, we will showcase three urban eco-systems that are being developed for TDG’s projects: information communications technology (ICT) and the ORBI® platform, smart life, and smart transportation.

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Green Sustainable Buildings


Captured design and construction information can be integrated into a 3D solution to assist in managing a development. By collecting, connecting, and communicating the data of assets and providing valuable, practical measures in an easy-to-use, intuitive environment, an urban operating system can empower clients to make more informed decisions.

The value of an urban operating system is the ability to create a wide range of apps, one of which can collect disparate, expert system data into a common, structured format, and then connect this data in ways not available before and communicate this data in a visual reporting solution to provide foresight to stakeholders. TDG’s ORBI® visualization platform uses a flexible software architecture and serves as a central system hub, from various dimensions, from a single building to a district, facility, geographic information, outlook, and operation status.


TDG’s autonomous NextGEN bus, interactive bus substations and shelters and connected street lighting are critical pieces of city management and safety

Through partnerships with many of the leading autonomous vehicle developers and manufacturers, TDG stands at the forefront of providing innovative transport solutions to cities around the world. This includes the NextGEN Bus, EV/AV LED Bus, Piezoelectric/wireless charging, interactive bus stop substations and shelters and integrated street lighting.

A showcase project is the Nashville Autonomous Public Transportation System, a holistic public transportation system that provides a quality and inexpensive experience while saving the environment is the essence of our proposed program for Nashville. Our NextGEN Autonomous Vehicles are designed to grow with the wants and needs of the city over a long period of time. By building in obsolescence and implementing a rigorous and disciplined system of safety and security, TDG’s NextGEN Autonomous Vehicles will provide Nashville and other cities with a pragmatic, forward thinking solution for public mobility for years to come.

Coupled with a new generation of bus stop substations with digital display boards and connected street lighting, the system utilizes clean energy to provide power and data within a city’s management system. Additionally, sensors and IoT are equipped to gather information to optimize operation, safety, assist autonomous driving, and facilitate vehicle charging.



TDG works with a host of clients and partners spanning both the public and private sectors through a variety of relationships and locations around the world including the U.S., China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Some of our key clients and partners include:

For more information please contact TDG at : info@thedigitgroupinc.com